Your Business Didn’t Sell Now What?

“I have a good business, it should have sold right away, what can I do to make this happen?”

Anonymous, 35 year veteran business owner.

Every business broker who has been in the business long enough will have the displeasure of experiencing a listing that doesn’t sell. The reason for the non-sale is very rarely specific to one issue, however, I can recall some unfortunate luck for some brokers, like the time a fire ravaged a business within weeks of a scheduled closing. At least this business had a buyer ready and willing to close.

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New Listing: Manufacturing Co. Construction Equipment & Attachment Products

Business Description

Listing Details at Playbook Advisory Website

Profitable manufacturing company-Absentee Owners

This listing is for a leading manufacturing company serving customers in the construction equipment industry. With an abundant IP portfolio (over 10 patents & counting) the business is poised to deliver growth in 2017. The company is well known for the design, fabrication and delivery of its mobile construction attachments.

The manufacturer provides its clients with innovative standard & customized products primarily used for road maintenance and construction. Utilizing a direct to customer sales model along with a growing national dealer network the Company continues to grow its customer base by constantly striving to innovate and improve its core products.

The Company sells to customers all over the United States as well as to clients located outside North America. Its primary customer base includes independent contractors, municipalities, and landscapers. The customers use the products to save money and increase their productivity which lowers labor costs for significant savings. The market for construction equipment for municipalities and contractors is growing due to an overall increase in government funding for road repair.

The company has an experienced sales team that is intimately familiar with all products offered and a new owner could easily increase revenues by adding to the sales team, increasing appearances at trade show demonstrations, and adding parts for sale.

The seller is willing to negotiate a short lease agreement with the buyer upon the sale of the business.

Interested buyers will execute an NDA and complete a buyer profile for the listing prior to the release of the name of the company. Please call Jim Peddle at 312-525-9622 or email at

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Financials: Seller

Q:  What financials does a Seller provide their Business Broker?

A:  A seller should be prepared to disclose the business tax returns for the past three years along with year to date numbers.  The year to date numbers should be kept current reflecting results within the past 60 days.  If available, a report of trailing twelve (TTM) results can be helpful to show prospective buyers the trends for the business especially if there is seasonality in the business results. The financials are used to model and recast the cash flows in order to complete a valuation of the business.

Why you should not sell your own business

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times (IRS Targets business owner) there was an article about the Internal Revenue Service targeting a business owner who was marketing and selling his own business for sale.

First, in my opinion, any business owner that doesn’t follow all applicable laws while running their business, will later have an unmarketable business which is almost impossible to sell at any price. This owner deserves what he will get from the authorities.

With that said there are some important lessons to be learned for owners who want to sell their own business. If you would like to hear more about this subject shoot us your contact information!! Contact Us



New Client Engagement-Specialty Furniture Retailer

Press Release New Client

Playbook Corporate Advisory, Inc. (Playbook), a Chicago based business broker, is pleased to announce their new engagement to represent a long established niche specialty furniture company.

This listing is an excellent opportunity for a prospective Buyer to purchase a turn-key profitable retailer. The company operates one store in the Chicago area where it sells a variety of products from nationally known manufacturers.

The company leverages their number one organic ranking on all the major social media sites to reach clients who live all over the Chicagoland area. The business is being offered with seller financing to qualified buyers.

Interested Buyers may contact for more information or go to ( to contact us directly.

About Playbook Advisory

Playbook is an Illinois licensed business broker offering full service advisory services for business owners seeking to sell their companies. Our professional staff has experience in retail, manufacturing and distribution. Call us today to learn more or go to our website at (